Sliding Sash Windows in Southampton, Eastleigh and Hampshire

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Maintain the elegance of your Southampton and Eastleigh windows whilst receiving all the benefits from modern UPVC. Our sliding sash windows are strong and are resistant to rotting as well as warping. Unlike traditional sash windows, they will never require re-painting. Instead they retain their colour and shape throughout the years with a minimum of maintenance.

If you are looking to replace your traditional sash windows in Southampton, Eastleigh and Hampshire then our UPVC sliding sash windows are the perfect alternative. These innovative windows combine traditional aesthetics with modern UPVC technology, offering the ideal solution for those old, leaky and draught prone windows.

Features & Benefits

Whether you are looking to replace existing timber sliders or looking to add character to a new development, our UPVC sliding sash windows retain all the traditional features of their classic wooden counterparts. The difference? You receive the enhanced benefits that our modern UPVC system provides.

Sliding Sash Windows

Traditional Appearance

The Optima Profile 22 sash window recreates the look of a traditional sliding sash window.  Run through sash horns create an authentic timber appearance, resulting in a beautiful window which maintains a property’s period attributes whilst offering outstanding modern properties.

Colours & Finishes

We offer a brilliant range of authentic colours and finishes. Our woodgrain finishes include: Mahogany, Rosewood and Golden Oak. We also offer ‘Brilliant White’ as a standard colour.

Whichever style you choose,  whether you opt for traditional white frames or a natural woodgrain effect in Golden Oak, our UPVC sliding sash windows aren’t just pleasing on the eye, their practical too. Minimal maintenance means you can enjoy classic good looks for many years to come.

Sliding Sash Window

High Weather Performance

Our Optima profile 22 sliding sash windows are characterised by a very high weather performance. Our sash windows are built to last, providing outstanding weather proofing. A Q-Lon weatherseal gasket combined with multi-chamber construction provides excellent protection.

Superior Q-Lon Gasket

The Q-Lon gasket retains its shape year after year which means the quality of your weather seal is not compromised. All our UPVC sash windows are tested to the latest British and European standards for air, water and gusting performance by the BSI and BBA.

The superior combination of the Q-Lon gasket, glazing, spacers and deals result in a window which is highly weatherproof. Our UPVC sliding sash windows offer excellent protection against the British weather.


Energy Efficient Profile

Our energy efficient sliding sash windows are designed using the latest technology in glass and spacer units. Excellent energy saving properties not only help to lower heating costs but also contribute to a greener environment. Our UPVC sliding sash windows help to reduce your CO2 emissions, allowing you benefit from a eco-friendly home.

High Thermal Performance

A high thermal performance ensures optimum levels of energy efficiency. The Optima Profile 22 UPVC sash window is able to attain the highest window energy rating (WER) currently available for replacement windows.

Our A energy rated sash windows have outstanding thermal properties, keeping your home warm and comfortable whilst saving you valuable energy.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Sliding sash windows are in line with the Governments desire to reduce Co2 emissions. Our profile 22 windows are manufactured from calcium organic materials to ensure the addition of no heavy metals.

An exclusive blend of UPVC materials ensure consistency and high quality. Our environmentally friendly sash windows are simply, ‘state of the art.’

Exceptional Security

Our highly secure range of UPVC sash windows are fitted with advanced security systems as standard. This ensures unrivalled protection for your home. We only provide locks of the highest specifications so you can expect optimal levels of security. Our UPVC windows will safeguard your home from potential intruders, keeping your belongings and loved ones safe.

Secured By Design

Our UPVC sash windows have been tested to the stringent requirements of BS7950 and offer a high level of security.

Secured By Design accredited, our sash windows meet and surpass British and European standards for products and hardware. Our Secured By Design accreditation is proof of our commitment to quality control and security development.


Strong Hardware

A range of high security hardware is available across our UPVC product range. Our UPVC sliding sash windows are available with a choice of locking systems and hardware with additional upgrades available upon request.

All our products have been physically tested to the relevant standards and assessed for corrosion resistance and endurance.

Sliding Sash Windows Southampton and Eastleigh: Prices & Costs

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