Versatile uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows for Eastleigh Home Improvements

uPVC tilt and turn windows are so versatile, they are the ideal choice for any Eastleigh home improvements. They can be tailored to blend in with your property’s style and they have several innovative features that make them one of the most technologically advanced windows on the market.

With uPVC tilt and turn windows, your home will be safer, more secure, easier to manage and high performance. These stylish windows are a complete revolution in double glazing and will truly enhance your Eastleigh property.

Here at Advanced Exterior Plastics, we offer our Eastleigh customers state of the art uPVC tilt and turn windows, that are a popular choice from our windows range.

These quality double glazed windows will transform your home, making them a fantastic option for both home improvements and new builds.

Read our handy guide to uPVC tilt and turn windows in Eastleigh and see how you can benefit from this superb double glazing.

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Perfect Replacement Windows – uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows in Eastleigh

Whether you are looking for windows to finish a new build project or for replacement windows on a refurbishment or renovation, our Duraflex uPVC tilt and turn windows make a great choice.

They are so versatile and can be adapted with Georgian or astragal bars to create a traditional appearance, or with plain glazing for a modern and sleek look.

Our expert installers will take the utmost care to ensure your uPVC tilt and turn windows are fitted perfectly, upgrading the style and performance of your Eastleigh property.

Unrivalled Energy Efficiency with Our uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows are superb when it comes to thermal performance. Your Eastleigh home will benefit from superior double glazing combined with advanced technology.

These high-performance windows are fitted with a Duralite Warm Edge Spacer bar. This innovative design is up to 22 times more energy efficient than a standard aluminium spacer. It helps to ensure that heat cannot escape your property.

In addition to this, our uPVC tilt and turn windows in Eastleigh are engineered with a multi-chambered profile. This clever technology creates a thermal barrier which eliminates draughts and works along side the spacer to keep warmth within your home.

Our windows are spectacular when it comes to thermal performance, and we offer a range of options so that you can achieve a Windows Energy Rating to best suit your property. We offer A, B and C rated windows to ensure every customer’s needs are met.

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Ultimate Safety from uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Safe ventilation is an important feature of our uPVC tilt and turn windows, making them the perfect option for upper floors, high-rise properties and families with young children and pets in Eastleigh.

The intelligent design means that the window can be safely locked in the tilt position, allowing fresh air to enter your home, while vulnerable family members are unable to come to harm.

The operation for this is so simple too, with a click and twist of the handle, you can go from safe ventilation to opening the window to its full extent.

The wide opening that our uPVC tilt and turn windows provide can be used as emergency exits when installed correctly, even being approved by Building Regulations.

With uPVC tilt and turn windows in Eastleigh, you can have peace of mind that you and your family are safe and secure.

Tailor Your uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows to Complement Your Eastleigh Home

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows can be tailored in so many ways to ensure they are the perfect match for your Eastleigh home.

You can choose from a variety of colour finishes, each one as beautiful as the last. Perhaps you would prefer an authentic and natural woodgrain appearance, ideal for period homes, blending in with the traditional style.

Of course, we also offer our uPVC tilt and turn windows in fresh, clean white, ideal for complementing modern properties.

There are featured or bevelled options for the profiles, and decorative glazing is available for extra privacy.

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uPVC Tilt and Turn Prices in Eastleigh

Our uPVC tilt and turn windows prices in Eastleigh are exceptional, offering superb value for money. The windows that our experts install are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring you benefit from long-term
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