uPVC Casement Windows Eastleigh

Why Choose uPVC Casement Windows in Eastleigh?

uPVC casement windows are an incredibly popular option when it comes to new double glazing in Eastleigh, but why should you choose them for your home?

Advanced Exterior Plastics offer a great uPVC casement window for your Eastleigh home improvements, so we wanted to explore the reasons behind why choosing these windows is a great way to go.

uPVC casement windows have an extensive history as a window design, making them one of the window styles that you see across Eastleigh and the surrounding areas. Let us tell you more about these brilliant windows and why they could be the right choice for your home.

uPVC casement windows eastleigh

A History of uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are one of the most versatile window designs in the industry, as they can work with the style of any property.

The original casement window design was first introduced in the 1600s, so they are a great choice for period homes. With modern innovations and technology, uPVC casement windows have taken this traditional appearance and brought it into the 21st Century.

uPVC casement windows have a timeless aesthetic, that really does blend in with any type of property, from older homes to new builds. The style is sophisticated and minimalist, and can be adapted to offer authentic traditional features or incredibly modern streamlined looks.

uPVC Casement Windows from Duraflex

Here at Advanced Exterior Plastics, we work with Duraflex  to ensure that our customers benefit from state of the art design and manufacture.

Our uPVC casement windows are the perfect choice for Eastleigh homes when it comes to efficiency, security and style. They are so versatile, it is easy to see why they are so sought after!

Our Duraflex uPVC casement windows offer exceptional quality and impressive performance, which is why we are so proud to offer them to Eastleigh customers for their home improvements.

uPVC casement windows eastleigh

Superbly Styled uPVC Casement Windows

Our uPVC casement windows are tailored to complement your home and reflect your tastes. Each window can be finished in a high-quality foil to give you the benefit of a unique look for your home. We offer a variety of options to choose from so that you can find the look that you like the best. Choose from:

Standard Woodgrain: Rosewood and Golden Oak

Prestige Woodgrain: Irish Oak, Antique Teak, Rustic Cherry, Soft Cherry

Solid Colours: Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey. Cream. Black, Blue, Red, Green, White.

We also offer a range of accessories and hardware to complete the look of your uPVC casement windows, as well as beautiful and practical decorative glazing.

uPVC Casement Windows and Energy Efficiency

Modern uPVC casement windows are required to achieve the minimum standards in thermal performance set by Building Regulations , and our uPVC casement windows in Eastleigh are no exception.

In fact, with uPVC casement windows from Advanced Exterior Plastics, you will benefit from the highest thermal performance possible. Our uPVC casement windows from Duraflex are so incredibly energy efficient, that they exceed the standards set!

Your home will be warmer for longer with new uPVC casement windows from us, as they will retain the heating that you use. This will even help lower your energy bills, as with more warmth being retained for longer, you will be able to use less heating to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

uPVC casement windows eastleigh

Unrivalled Weather Proofed uPVC Casement Windows

With our Duraflex uPVC casement windows, you will benefit from the most advanced weather proofing technology for your Eastleigh home.

Our windows are constructed with Q-Lon weather seals which will protect your home from even the worst coastal weather. The sheathed composite gasket creates a weather seal that is impenetrable by torrential rain, gale force winds and even heavy snow.

It also works to help maximise the thermal performance of our uPVC casement windows and to enhance the acoustic protection our uPVC casement windows offer.

High Security uPVC Casement Windows

Home security is a priority when considering any home improvements, and with our uPVC casement windows, you access the superb benefits of exceptional security performance.

Our uPVC casement windows are constructed to the very highest standards using quality materials to ensure that they are robust and durable. In addition to this, we fit our uPVC casement windows with state of the art locking systems to ensure maximum protection.

With uPVC casement windows from Advanced Exterior Plastics, you can have complete confidence in their security performance, as our windows have been approved by Secured by Design [link], the police preferred specification.

uPVC casement windows eastleigh

uPVC Casement Window Prices Eastleigh

We have a friendly and professional team waiting to help you find your perfect uPVC casement windows. Get in touch today and we can give you a competitive quote and help you with finding the right casement windows for your Eastleigh home.

We even offer easy access to our uPVC casement windows prices online , simply create the window for you from the options available and get a tailored cost!