Composite Doors Southampton

Composite Doors SouthamptonGet a Composite Door for your Southampton home today!

Welcome to Advanced Exterior Plastics; your one stop shop for all your External and Internal Doors. Today we want to tell you about our Composite Doors in Southampton and why they make the perfect front door for your Southampton home.

What are Composite Doors?

Composite Doors are an innovation in design, offering your Southampton property all the aesthetic charm of a wooden door without compromising on the exceptional advantages of modern UPVC technology. Our Composite Doors are lovingly crafted using a clever combination of durable and resilient materials.

The dense insulating core, compression moulded GRP slab and hardy UPVC structure work together to bring you a revolutionary Composite Door providing security, comfort and style to your home in Southampton.

Our Composite Door Range

Advanced Exterior Plastics supply and fit a stunning collection of Composite Doors throughout Southampton and the surrounding Hampshire area.

Transform the face of your home today with one of our intelligently designed Composite Front Doors and benefit from the excellent advantages they offer.

Southampton Composite Front Doors

Advanced Exterior Plastics Provide only the best quality Composite Doors

Our Composite Doors are vastly superior  to other leading brands on the market, you won’t find better quality or value for money anywhere else! Here are just a few reasons our Composite Front Doors are the number one choice for doors in Southampton:

Our Composite Doors have Beautiful Aesthetics

Love the look of a wooden door, but want to avoid the yearly upkeep? Here at Advanced Exterior Plastics you can choose from an authentic selection of woodgrain finishes for your new front door. Get a beautiful timber-like door, which genuinely looks and feels like solid wood!

Our Composite Doors also come in a variety of contemporary designs and colours for the more modern home. Why not opt for some double glazed glass panels in your composite front door? We have stained glass options and obscured glass options to choose from too!

Highly Secure Composite Doors

Composite Doors provide your home with unparalleled security. All of our Composite Front Doors receive Secure by Design status, the police preferred specification recognising the resilience of our Composite Doors. Gain peace of mind knowing would-be-intruders are simply no match for the solid structure of these robust external doors.

All of our locks are designed and manufactured by one of the most secure names in the home improvements industry, Ultion. Ultion have created an eleven pinned door lock, thus setting the barrier for what is possible from door locks.

Ultion locks are intelligently designed to not only prevent burglaries, but too predict when they are going to happen. For example, the Ultion lock is capable of going into lock down mode. When this happens, the lock is almost impossible to break. Say for instance, the most dedicated burglar got through two chambers – they would never be able to get through central cam. When in lock own mode the central cam is protected inside a solid molybdenum core and secured with a dedicated retaining pin. When Ultion is in Lockdown mode, your family are as safe as houses.

Composite Door Southampton

Thermal Insulation with our Composite Doors

Composite Doors protect your home against the elements far better than UPVC Doors and other single-material front doors. Our energy-efficient Composite Doors have an integrated weather seal to ensure cold draughts and moisture are excluded from your Southampton home; optimal for keeping you warm in those cold winter months and saving you money on your heating bills.

Our Composite Front Doors are Incredibly Low Maintenance

No more sanding, painting or re-varnishing! Our Composite doors do not warp, rot, swell or peel over time. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth and your new external door will keep it’s beautiful appearance year after year.

Why not check out our full range of UPVC Composite Doors and receive a free online quote for your Composite Door cost.
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