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Before we get stuck into why it’s important to make sure your double glazing is performing to the best of its ability, and the money you’ll lose if it’s not….allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Advanced Exterior Plastics, Southampton’s premium supplier of double glazing and specialists in double glazing repairs. If you’re looking for double glazing repairs in Southampton, we are your best choice!


We are Southampton’s trusted, local double glazing repairs specialist. We take pride in all work we complete, treating your home as if it was our own. So, what are the tell tale signs of double glazing repairs?




How Do I Know If My Double Glazing Needs Repairing?


It’s a good question, and sometimes faulty Double Glazing is quite difficult to spot! Obviously, there are blatant signs. Gaping hole from next door neighbours football, panes of glass completely missing, or a bird hit the window at such a force it went straight through. Asides from these, thankfully infrequent incidences, faulty double glazing can look perfectly normal. It takes a keen eye to spot damaged double glazing, so how you notice if your double glazing is in need of some attention?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a small build up of condensation? Chipped or cracked glass, or has your window frame become damaged? These are less obvious signs that you may be in need of double glazing repairs. If not then great! But it’s always better to check. It’s far more cost effective to invest in double glazing repairs then replacing an entire unit!

One of the most blatant signs of damaged double glazing is condensation build up within the pane, or misted glass. This indicates that the thermal barrier, within the sealed unit is not working as it should. This can be a tremendous problem in regards to energy efficiency…….and ultimately, your bank account.




Why Repair My Faulty Double Glazing?


The big question, and the downfall of many misinformed home owners who end up coughing up more than they should for their heating bills, can damaged double glazing really make much difference to my heating bills? Yes it can! And to understand why, you first need to understand how double glazing works. Furthermore, was your initial double glazing investment an attempt to make your home more thermally efficient? If so, you could argue that it’s utterly pointless having tired, worn out double glazing. Asides, repairing double glazing is often more cost effective than replacing an entire unit.

The science behind double glazing is fairly simplistic. Essentially two panes of glass are fitted within a lightweight, energy saving uPVC frame. The two panes of glass trap a blanket of air, due to insufficient space the air cannot circulate. So it doesn’t. Instead the air remains trapped, forming a thermally efficient barrier. And, more to the point. Prevents cold air from filtering into your home, and your expensive warm air from leaving.

So, if you discover condensation appearing within your glass, it means only one thing. Air is managing to flow through the profile and, regrettably, your window may not be as energy efficient as it once was.


How Much Money Do I Lose From Not Investing In Double Glazing Repairs?

May as well ask ‘how long is a piece of string,’ same answer. The longer you leave the repair work, the more money you’ll lose. Simple as that. Fancy hazarding a guess at what percentage of energy you lose from ill fitted double glazing? 5%? 10%?….higher? Alarmingly, an investigation carried out by the National Insulation Association revealed that poorly fitted uPVC double glazing windows and damaged double glazing, can reduce your home’s energy efficiency by a staggering 20%!!!!

Doesn’t sound like much? Think again! Let’s say, hypothetically, that your monthly energy bills come to £100. That’s £20 you spend on heating the street! Which is what? The price of a half decent take away and a bottle of red from the middle section?  

That’s £20 in one month, there are twelve in a year which accumulates to £240! Which is what, your car insurance for the year or brand new television?

Finally, our windows come with an entire decades guarantee, ten years of energy efficient double glazing windows. Now you start to see the bigger picture, you could potentially be losing near on two and a half grand from inefficient double glazing! This is why we recommend that you often check your double glazing, just in case.


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So, you’ve given your double glazing a once over, and have become concerned about one or more of the tell tale signs of window inefficiency, what next?

Contact us! Only good can come of it. If you’re double glazed window does not need repairing we’ll tell you. If it does, we’ll save you money on your expensive heating bills in the long run, it’s that simple!

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