Flat roofs. An attractive, energy efficient roof fit for any horizontal or sloped surface. If you’re searching for flat roofing experts throughout Southampton and the surrounding areas, look no further than Advanced Exterior Plastics. Our team of in house flat roofing experts offer professionally fitted flat roofs across Southampton and Hampshire. Flat roofs are the perfect for garages, extensions and porches. Our Flat roofs benefit from an exceptionally long lifespan, assuring an attractive and highly energy efficient roofing solution.

When it comes to flat roofs, we pride ourselves on being the local experts! Over the years we’ve gained a fantastic reputation throughout Southampton for our competitive prices, highly durable flat roofs and professional service from start to finish.

Benefits Of Flat Roofs

Why should you invest in a professionally fitted flat roof from Advanced Exterior Plastics? There are three primary factors that separate our flat roofs from the competition. Our flat roofs are low maintenance, superior weather resistant and have a staggering 40 year life span! Plus, the rubber we use for our flat roofs is flame resistant!

Low Maintenance

You’d assume that a product that has been proven to last 40 years would take a fair bit of looking after, full hose down perhaps? Polish every other week with organic beeswax? Remove the top layers; give it a good tumble dry after each rainstorm? Thankfully not.

Our flat roofs are constructed using the latest technological advancements in roofing. Here at Advanced Exterior Plastics, we fit our flat roofs to last! Our expert knowledge combined with the quality of the material proves to be quite a team. If you’re looking for a low maintenance, high quality flat roof for your Southampton property, there truly is no better choice.

Our flat roofs may need a wash down every once in awhile, nothing more than a quick wipe. The high quality rubber is specifically designed to repel both the worst and the best that Mother Nature can throw at it. Be that rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, have peace of mind that your flat roof is designed to last.






Firestone Rubbercover has been proven to last up to forty years, that’s four decades! Quite simply, this is down to Firestone settling for nothing but the best. Firestone source the highest quality and durable materials for their flat roofs, it’s that simple.

Relax with the knowledge that your new flat roof is made from the highest quality material. Fitted by a team of highly trained flat roof installers who take pride in all work they undertake. Your roof is our roof; we strive to fit the best flat roof at a highly competitive price.

Durable Flat Roofing

Why Have Flat Roofs Gained Such Popularity?


One word really makes an impact in the flat home improvements sector, flexibility. If a product is flexible, i.e. highly adaptable and easily managed, then you can be near on certain that it’s a good product to choose. It just so happens that our flat roofs are one of the most flexible, and workable, roofs available.

Flat roofs can be fitted to almost any horizontal or sloped surface! Roof windows? Extractor fans? Draft excluders? Not an issue! Advanced Exterior Plastics can work the highly flexible rubber around almost any obstacle.

It’s not just workability that makes flat roofs the most flexible on the market. Flat roofs are adaptable and flexible! Unlike all other static roofs, flat roofs move with the building. We can assure you the rubber we use is tough and robust.


Obtaining a Quote


Due to the pragmatic nature of flat roof installation, it’s a little tricky for us to provide you with a quote without direct contact. But your can be rest assured we offer the most competitively priced and professional flat roofs throughout Southampton and Hampshire.

For more information, a competitive quote or to learn more about flat roofs, speak to our in house team of experienced professionals – 02380 692447.